Discover the magic of the Amazon rainforest with JRD. We offer tour packages that provide a unique immersion in the exuberant nature of the region. Explore the fauna and flora, learn about the local culture and live unforgettable moments in the middle of the jungle.

JRD Amazonas

Travel to Amazonas

Expeditions Departing
from Manaus

We manage excursions through the Amazon rainforest departing from the city of Manaus, the capital of Amazonas. Cruise along rivers, discover breathtaking landscapes, and enjoy unforgettable moments surrounded by nature.

Experience in the Forest

We offer packages from 1 to 10 days for a super immersion in the Amazon rainforest. Explore the exuberant nature, discover the unique fauna and flora and experience the local culture.

Boat Accommodation

We offer excursions on charming boats where you will visit various tourist attractions. Enjoy comfortable accommodations, typical meals, and authentic experiences amidst the wild nature.

house near blue body of water surrounded with green trees under white and blue sky
house near blue body of water surrounded with green trees under white and blue sky
Canoeing and Exploration

Explore trails in the Amazon rainforest and discover the diversity of ecosystems. Walk through breathtaking landscapes, observe wildlife, and learn about the importance of environmental preservation.

Discover the rich indigenous culture of the Amazon region. Engage with local communities, participate in traditional rituals, and learn about ancestral customs and knowledge.

geren woods
geren woods
Jungle Adventure

Experience a real adventure. Go canoeing through the Amazonian igarapés and rivers, where you'll observe exotic animals and explore each typical spot of the region.

people in traditional dress dancing during daytime
people in traditional dress dancing during daytime
Indigenous Culture
scarlet macaw
scarlet macaw
Amazonian Biodiversity

Observe an enormous variety of historical animals from the region, the true Amazonian biodiversity – animals that you will only find here.

Piranha Fishing
gray fish
gray fish

Experience fishing and observing fish that you can only find in the Amazon region. Encounter the true exotic piranhas in their wildest form.

About Us

We are a tourism company located in Manaus, Amazonas, specialized in offering unique jungle experiences. With packages from 1 to 10 days, we provide a complete immersion in nature, with boat excursions to the most exotic spots in the region.

JRD Amazonas was created by Javier, a Spanish individual who has lived in the Amazon for over 30 years, and knows every typical detail of the region. This knowledge was acquired through more than 500 exploratory trips, allowing Javier to organize the most distinctive and one-of-a-kind excursions based on his extensive local expertise.

At JRD Amazonas, we don't offer typical tourism; we are experts in exotic and distinctive excursions.

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